Icebreaker Activity | To begin the workshop by getting select participants to reveal an interesting topic about themselves

  1. Innovation & Creativity

• Innovation versus invention versus creativity

• Innovation – what’s good, what’s holding us back?

• How to encourage creativity from every employee

• Three Innovation Challenges: Viability, Desirability, Feasibility

  1. Intro to Design Thinking

• Design Thinking for non-designers

• Why is there a sudden need for design thinking?

• What it takes to create culture of design thinkers

• Common problems faced trying to implement design thinking

• Case studies of successful design thinking implementation

  1. Applying the Design Thinking Framework to solve current challenges

Participants will be broken down into groups. Each group will use the Design Thinking Framework to find solutions to possible challenges / issues at the client organisation. Trainer will guide participants through this process.

  1. Learning the Design Thinking Framework

• Design Thinking Stage 1: Empathise: Who are your end clients? What are their needs?

• Design Thinking Stage 2: Define: Define what the user requirements are

• Design Thinking Stage 3: Ideate: Brainstorm and ideate ideas to solve the identified problem

• Design Thinking Stage 4: Prototype: Build/sketch out the selected ideas in more details

• Design Thinking Stage 5:Test: Establish how you can test these ideas on your client base

  1. Presentation Skills Tips for Presenting Your Idea/Solution

• Trainer will share presentation skills tips for presenting your idea/solution to the Challenge Statement.

• Good versus bad presentations

• The SYSTEM: State, Yourself, Stance, Tonality, Eye Contact Movement

• Common questions from stakeholders on your idea/solution

  1. Presentation of Idea/Solution to Challenge Statement

Teams will walk through the innovation they have come up with and present to the class / stakeholders present, how their solution solves the challenge statement.

8. Teambuilding Activity

The finale is a fun teambuilding game which will challenge participants to utilise the principles of design thinking in a creative way.


  • Working professionals with an interest in innovative design thinking, those who intend to know the potential. Prerequisites: No prior knowledge is required

  • This workshop is especially important for organisations looking to solve actual challenges in their industry, or at their organisations.


Solving challenges in your industry or organisation can be an uphill task. Our 2-day Innovation Design Thinking & Ideation training and workshop will help you identify, outline and solve these challenges in easy and creative ways. We will aid you to understand your company issues and how best to solve them.

The first day will focus on Innovation Design Thinking theory, while the second day will focus on actively solving the challenge / issue in the organisation. Participants can dive deep into solving actual challenges at the organisation and also take some time for the ‘Empathy’ stage where they can use workshop time to interview potential users.


By the end of the program, you will be able to:

1) Understand innovation design thinking definitions, taxonomies and innovation design thinking application domains

2) Learn the methodology for practical problem-solving and challenges, that will leads to improved innovation, strategic capabilities and processes

3) Emphasise the needs and desires of the user's, to create a solution that is both relevant and easy to learn. This will lead to better user experiences and easier routes to solutions


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