Established since 2017, our mission includes:

i)  Early career training, re-training and re-skilling of staff for businesses in most industries

ii)  Aiding businesses to achieve accreditation and certification (both national and international certifications)

iii)  Consultancy for businesses on general management practices, project management, applied computing with tools and standardisation through open-source typesetting applications


To be a comprehensive one-stop training and consultancy provider for changing markets


i)  We bring work experience from multiple countries

ii)  Multinationals with knowledge of at least 2 languages

iii) We customise our trainings/consultancy aspects specific to client's needs 

iv) One trainer and one assistant (we don’t train alone)

1. TRAINING | Early careers, re-skilling and up-skilling programmes

Early careers, re-skilling and up-skilling programmes are all important for individuals and businesses to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing job market.

Benefits to participating in early careers, re-skilling and up-skilling programmes:

Our trainings (ACLP† / HRDC-TTT†† / AITD††† certified trainers) both soft-skills and IT/technical/hard-skills for businesses and their staff in the ASEAN, the UK, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Are done by our certified trainers; either public or in-house trainings for both soft-skills and technical/hard skills. We offer unique trainings for skills development in:

Preparation for accreditation and/or compliance certification with regulatory bodies, standards organisations and safety, hazard and professional bodies; either national or international

Entrepreneurship skills, information technology skills, professional typesetting software, Technical writing/infographics, training leadership and management programmes

We are offering a part ‘INDUSTRY NEEDS-BASED TRAINING’ and part ‘TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS’ (TNA-based) services of preparing bespoke, specific to client’s product/business-based training. Trainings are normally designed based on market/industry needs (at a Macro level) . A more specific method, is to gather Training Needs Analysis from potential customers (Micro level). We will combine the two levels of knowledge into a single training sets. We offer our courses based on demand.

Training contents are suited to our clients products/services business/industry models taking into account both the macro and micro level needs analysis

Our trainings are conducted with main trainer and one assistant trainer who will help any trainees that needs assistance, help catching up or are having difficulty during practical/games/exercise sessions


† Advanced Cerrtificate in Learining and Performance, Singapore  

†† Train The Trainer certificate of HRDC Malaysia     

††† The Australian Institute of Training & Development Members


We provide consultancy services to businesses seeking accreditation or certification of a national or international standing (HACCP, IT Certifications, Environment Impact Assessment, ESG, Heath & Safety Standards)

We provide consultancy service to design and prepare standard operating procedures (SOP) and good management practices

Are mainly professional services to achieve accredition and compliance certifications with a minimum hassle and resource wastage. To attain certification, we provide a seamless, fast and strategic planning with exact goals and custom-built roadmap as a complete solution, we provide our clients with:

This is to ensure that our clients have a smooth and hassle free experience towards achieving their business objective

Our range of consulting services:

We provide consultancy on IT Management/solutions, food safety and standard accredidation, general management practices, management change, business process-reengineering, accounting & finance practices, project management, engineering management, applied computing tools, programming language certifications and beyond.

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