HACCP training and certification PROGRAMME


The Essentials of HACCP Explained 

“the HACCP food safety management system requires food processors to have a written safety plan or a “HACCP Plan” which begins by conducting a Hazard Analysis that identifies “Critical Control Points” or CCPs — those points, steps or procedures in food manufacturing process at which control can be applied and as a result, a food safety hazard can be prevented, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. 

Once CCPs are identified, food processors can then establish critical limits for each CCP, then continually monitor, take corrective actions where necessary, then validate and document that safe procedures are being followed.” 

Source reference: Food & Drugs Administration

What and How We Will Help You

We provide a consultancy services of 5 consultants/advisors/trainers with multi-discipline, multi-experience to provide specialist services to: plan, develop and to achieve compliance of the HACCP internationally recognised certification for the client.

We propose a seamless, fast, strategic planning with exact goals and outcome known as  a ROADMAP.  This ROADMAP has been adapted from Ministry of Health Malaysia’s ‘GUIDELINES FOR HACCP CERTIFICATION’ and REMCO PRODUCT’s ‘WHITE PAPER HACCP Planning for Food Safety’ manuals. Based on ad-hoc requirements, we will add new/additional expertise, to achieve HACCP requirements/compliance. 

The ROADMAP method project will be carried-out and implemented by marc&zed (along with the client's HACCP  team) until completion. Therefore, the client need not hire a HACCP Consultant or any additional manpower for HACCP implementation. Any existing HACCP co-ordinator along with current staff to establish a HACCP team should suffice; and will be trained by us for future development, audits, and updating the HACCP documentations.

The remainder of this document is the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions that are project fundamentals; that are necessary to be answered for planning, development and compliance for most certification requirements. This document in its entirety is a useful guide from the initial assessment (start of HACCP roadmap), all the way to final compliance approval of HACCP.



2 Days (14 hours)

Certificate of Completion

Online Instructor-led or client's venue

B. CONSULTANCY TOWARDS CERTIFICATION (Duration of up-to 6 months until certification)

On-site and off-site work- preparation for HACCP audit

Producing HACCP manual for client towards submission for certification

Please e-mail janice@marcnzed.com or call +65 9052 3859 / +60124514977 for further details and fees